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Survey and Neighbourhood Engagement Updates

Neighbourhood Engagement Interest High in The Summit at Quadra Village

During the last several months, many residents of the Hillside-Quadra neighbourhood have taken a keen interest in the development of The Summit at Quadra Village. Evidence of this interest have included the following:
• The Healthy Neighbourhood Working Group (HNWG) sub-committee was formed by the Downtown Blanshard Advisory Committtee/Quadra Village Community Centre to facilitate conversations and action about neighbourhood concerns, solutions and hopes regarding the proposed development. The Working Group was launched out of the belief that integrated neighbourhood health planning is the best way to plan this development.
• Approximately 200 people attended the Open House hosted by CRHD/VIHA. Attendees demonstrated their high level of interest in the 955 issue and raised many questions and concerns.
• A Town Hall Meeting was facilitated by the Healthy Neighbourhood Working Group, which allowed for further clarification and idea-sharing about the development.
• Numerous letters have been sent to local representatives articulating concerns about and possibilities for the development. Many of these letter writers have advocated for a development that will enhance the health of the neighbourhood and include features that will benefit the neighbourhood directly.
• The HNWG committee surveyed neighbourhood opinion further at Quadra Village Day. We received 141 completed surveys. Some highlights of the findings:
- A large majority of respondents (82%) believe it is "very important" that QV residents be consulted during the planning stage of 955;
- More than half (59%) were aware of the 955 project, but 82% say they haven't received enough information to know how it will affect them;
- An overwhelming 92% believe that the facility should be designed and operated in ways that improve the quality of life in QV;
- The top concerns of respondents were: Traffic and Parking issues (91%) and Loss of Green Space (73%). A significant number were also concerned about the size, height, and visual appearance of the building;
- Some key issues that area residents would like the 955 designers to bear in mind are the project's impacts on: Pedestrian Life; Traffic and Parking; and Public Spaces

Until March 21 you can complete the Summit at Quadra Village's official survey regarding plans for the site.  Please consider taking this survey and taking the time to write in any priorities that are not captured by the forced choice format of this survey.  It estimates 10 minutes to take this survey but this increases if you have a lot to say.  The future of Hillside-Quadra depends on our ability to speak up for its future.  Click on the link below to complete the survey!