Media: Save 950 Kings and Create a Community Hub

May 1: Times-Colonist: Hillside-Quadra residents reject plan for mental-health facility *Note: This issue is about the need for a neighbourhood hub and overburdening Quadra Village (nothing against mental health supports)

May 1: Victoria News: CRD hears proposal for 200-unit complex at contentious Hillside-Quadra property: Residents beg CRD to sell the former Blanshard Elementary site to the City of Victoria

April 30, 2019


Hillside-Quadra Speaking Up for Community Spaces at Critical Moment :

Community Hub and Health of Quadra Village at Risk Due to CRD Plans

Hillside-Quadra and area residents have been talking to each other and working tirelessly towards a vision for a vibrant community hub.  Consultations for this hub that would be accessible to everyone have generated fantastic ideas such as the retention of the existing amount of green space and a gymnasium at the former Blanshard Elementary School (950 Kings).  Other leading ideas in the consultation that is still underway include significant daycare space, a water park, a library and expanded space for community programs.

This hub concept has captured the imagination of the neighbourhood and wider community and has seen the City of Victoria pass a motion to enhance community amenities and retain green space at 950 Kings.  This hub would create health and make up for the loss of the once bustling Blanshard Elementary School.  The school was a critical buffer in the plan that saw the construction of Blanshard Street and Blanshard Court in the 1960s.  950 Kings has been essential as it has provided green space, recreation space and community gathering space in one of the City’s most densely populated areas. 

The hub, however, is under threat.  This Wednesday, May 1 at 1:30 pm the Capital Regional District/Capital Regional Hospital District’s Housing and Hospitals Committee will meet to review a proposal for 150 low income/assisted living rental apartments  and a 52 bed hospital. What this means is that the part of Quadra Village (the quadrant bordered by Bay, Hillside, Quadra and Blanshard) that already has 191 low income units, an approved transitional a housing project 


and a 320 bed hospital is being robbed of its last significant green space due to convenient zoning.

The kids will not be alright in Hillside-Quadra if the CRD/CRHD plans proceed.  The quality of life for children, youth, families and other residents in Quadra Village will be impacted significantly if the plans proceed.  Where will they play?  Where will they go?  Where will the neighbourhood’s pressure relief come from?

The people of Hillside-Quadra are speaking up in favour of the community hub and challenging the appropriateness of the CRD/CRHD’s new project which addresses regional needs while scorching the health of the surrounding neighbourhood.  This continues this Wednesday at a pivotal moment during the Housing and Hospitals Committee.

Oak Bay rejected the 320 bed Oak Bay Lodge rebuild plan and the burden was placed on Quadra Village through convenient zoning.  It begs the question, why always in my backyard.  According to the neighbourhood association for Hillside-Quadra’s Executive Director, “Once again the CRD/CRHD seems determined to put all its challenges in one small quadrant of the City.  It’s time for the rest of the region to share in these regional priorities instead of creating an unhealthy neighbourhood.  The community hub is the alternative and the answer”.

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