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Topaz Park Dynamics and Solutions 2 Event

As the COVID 19 Pandemic unfolded in Victoria, concern was raised about the conditions for the homeless in our City, particularly for those displaced from shelters and folks sleeping in the Pandora area. Originally 3 sites including Topaz, Royal Athletic Park and Beacon Hill were suggested. Then it was pared down to Topaz plus some hotel rooms. Fast forward and Topaz is the only designated park for an outdoor homeless shelter/encampment. It is at capacity (confirmed by Vic Fire Dept) and hotel rooms are not available yet. The efforts to rally volunteers and staff to support the camp are still in progress. Vic PD confirms that crime has spiked near Topaz and shared use of the park is a challenge when outdoor spaces are limited in and around Hillside-Quadra. The long term health and planned improvements to the park are on hold.

Homelessness is a shared responsibility of our neighbourhood, municipality, region, province and country. Hillside-Quadra is doing more than its share. How widespread, however are these efforts, across the City and region? If we look at homelessness crisis during the COVID 19 pandemic with an equity lens, what conclusions would we reach? Other neighbourhoods and municipalities are not doing enough to share the burden and the homeless are not being adequately/safely served. Neighbourhoods in northern Victoria continue to tackle regional social issues while having access to parks, recreation and other amenities close to home.

Let's share information, ask our questions and come up with solutions that will help solve this crisis within a crisis during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Register here by 1pm on April 29.