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Concerns Raised with City of Victoria

This is the most recent letter addressed to public representatives regarding the Summmit at Quadra Village:

February 18, 2016

To: Mayor and Council, City of Victoria

Re: The Summit at Quadra Village

Dear Mayor and Council,

Please accept this as a formal request by the neighbourhood association for Hillside-Quadra (Downtown Blanshard Advisory Committee) to present at the Feb.25 Council meeting regarding the Summit at Quadra Village.  

As you are aware the Summit at Quadra Village is an 89 million dollar, high impact projected coming to Quadra Village.  It is a 320 bed complex dementia and complex care facility replacing existing beds at Oak Bay Lodge and Tolmie Care Facility. 

Without the motivation that often comes with a rezoning (as appropriate zoning is in place) the communication and consultation from the Capital Regional Hospital District project team has been extremely limited and ineffective for some time now.   We’re often reminded that the CRHD doesn’t have to consult and that “we’re here to build a care facility” by the Summit project team.  Island Health as the proposed operator has been solely focused on the future medical operations on site and defers to the Capital Regional Hospital District regarding project planning.  

This 22,700 square meter building on a 3.5 acre site will have a negative impact on the residents of the neighbourhood if it is not built and planned in a way that is of a mutual direct benefit for both residents of the care facility and residents of the Hillside-Quadra neighbourhood.  These spaces need to be meaningful (based on neighbourhood ideas) and functional (addressing pre-identified needs in the neighbourhood).  Based on the tone so far, we are concerned that onsite neighbourhood accessible amenities are planned to be token at best.   Now that the Capital Regional Hospital District owns the full 7 acres of the former Blanshard Elementary School, neighbourhood residents are cognizant and concerned that the entire neighbourhood is on the precipice of a radical shift, with no guarantees that we will shape it or see useful neighbourhood access and function over the next 75 to 100 years.  Not only that, but residents haven’t updated input into our neighbourhood plan since 1995 (it was completed when a school was part of the long-term vision) and there are no plans to complete before 2018.  Construction on the Summit may commence as early as late summer.

The health and well-being of children, youth, families and all residents is at stake for neighbours of what was once a school field in a traffic-locked area (quadrant of Bay, Blanshard, Quadra and Hillside) of the City.  A “final engagement plan” from the CRHD is slated for June 2016, so time is ticking. 

In light of the above we request:

  • Fast-tracking of the neighbourhood planning process for the parts of the Hillside-Quadra neighbourhood that are most impacted by the Summit at Quadra Village Development.
  • The assignment of a City of Victoria Planner to work with the neighbourhood to help ensure that the Summit Project team is informed and educated about  opportunities to enhance neighbourhood health and ensure effective connectivity and integration to the existing and future neighbourhood
  • A dedication of Development Cost Charges or other City of Victoria resources to ensure that meaningful, functional neighbourhood amenities are part of this 7 acres of Blanshard Elementary redevelopment.
  • Advocacy on behalf of the Hillside-Quadra neighbourhood for meaningful, functional amenities and integrated, healthy neighbourhood planning with the Capital Regional Hospital District.

Thanks for your attention to this matter.




Kelly Greenwell, Executive Director

Quadra Village Community Centre / Downtown Blanshard Advisory Committee

t. 250 388 7696 ext.221          e.