About Us

The Quadra Village Community Centre (Downtown Blanshard Advisory Committee) is a safe and welcoming gathering place and neighbourhood association in the vibrant and diverse neighbourhood of Hillside Quadra. We work together to nurture community well-being by providing services and programs to meet the social, educational, health, employment, environmental and recreational needs of the people in the heart of the city. Our range of options for community members includes prenatal, children`s, youth, family,seniors and community programs. Since 1974 our preventative and responsive community based programs have helped make change close to home.

Mission and Purpose

Our Mission is to work together to nurture community well-being by providing services and programs to meet social, educational, health, employment, environmental and recreational needs of people in our neighbourhood in a safe and welcoming environment. 

Our key objectives are to:

  • promote, plan and develop the establishment and integration of a comprehensive
  • network of community services and to establish priorities, for the development of
  • community service in the Hillside-Quadra/Downtown Blanshard area.
  • promote a liaison and co-ordination between existing socially-related services
  • and to identify gaps in services or duplication of services.
  • recommend priorities and needs to those who have jurisdiction and authority in
  • Hillside-Quadra/Downtown Blanshard area.
  • receive and distribute information regarding human needs and services.


Primary Roles

  • Operation of the Quadra Village Community Centre (QVCC)
  • Facilitate a wide range of community social service programs
  • Engage in community development in the Hillside-Quadra and surrounding areas
  • Act as the neighbourhood association (with much of this work done by the Neighbourhood Action Group sub-committee) for the Hillside-Quadra neighbourhood

History, Philosophy and Vision

The Downtown Blanshard Advisory Committee (DBAC) started in the early 1970s and formed as a non-profit society in 1974 in order to work to meet the needs and improve the quality of life in our high density, low income, inner city neighbourhood.  Some of the life challenges that people face in our community include:  poverty, mental and physical illness; mental, physical and learning disabilities, post-traumatic stress, abuse, homelessness, inadequate/unstable housing, addiction, illiteracy, family stress and breakdown, and lack of transportation, food, dental care and resources.

Despite a higher concentration of many of these challenges we have never doubted the potential of people in Hillside-Quadra and surrounding areas.  Our diversity, whether reflective of culture, life circumstances or economics is part of what makes us stronger. 

Our organization is committed to building community and personal capacity. Since our inception, we have been guided by the ideas of neighbourhood residents and program participants. Today’s neighbourhood and participant ideas are as important to our work as ever.

The Downtown Blanshard Advisory Committee has provided critically needed preventative and responsive programs and services in our multicultural community for over 40 years.  The supports we offer are tailored to meet needs that range through aspects of the entire lifespan including pre-natal support, parent-tot programs, family life, child and youth development and needs, supports for adults and programs for seniors. We pride ourselves in being able to build trust and reach community members who have resisted accessing other community supports.  We use a community development approach in assisting people and therefore many of the people that use our services are encouraged to help out at whatever level they can and this develops a sense of belonging and self-worth.  Many of our volunteers have or are still contending with the life challenges listed above.

The organization has operated as an important voice of the neighbourhood since inception and over the years this has happened in close conjunction with the Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood Action Committee, which currently operates as a sub-committee of our Board of Directors. The Neighbourhood Action Committee (NAC) works to make our neighbourhood a better place to live, work and/or operate a business.  NAC works on getting and providing neighbourhood input on local traffic safety and calming, land use planning and development, City initiatives, and public art and celebrations.  Included in its duties is the facilitator role that NAG plays as the Community Association Land Use Committee (CALUC) for Hillside-Quadra.  When areas of significant concern arise in the neighbourhood, DBAC’s Board occasionally strikes an ad hoc committee, which was the case in 2015 as the Healthy Neighbourhood Working Committee was formed to ensure fairness regarding the 955 Hillside Development.  As well, the Downtown Blanshard Advisory Board takes positions from time to time to enhance or defend the well-being of the neighbourhood.

Core Values

Our organization’s core values are as follows:

  • Caring
  • Inclusive
  • Respectful
  • Community

Each of these speaks to how we are in relationship with individuals, families and groups in our work and volunteering exemplified in our programs, events, collaborations and neighbourhood engagement.